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collar care.

leather dog collars and leather dog leashes handmade in London.

caring for your
collars and leads.

hb. collars and leads are made from prime vegetable tanned leather, which is a natural material best suited for dogs to wear. with some love and care along its journey, your dog's collar will last years, aging handsomely and developing in character with every wear and walk.

good to know.

our collars and leads is pre-conditioned and weather-proofed to further expand its long wear, while the oil from your dog’s skin continues the work of natural conditioning. so, there’s not much else you’ll have to do, other than bear these few things in mind:
/// leather that is light in colour will react to direct sunlight by darkening, and the reverse will happen to darker leather. if you wish to avoid this, it’s best not to leave your collarwear laying outside when not in use.
/// hot and dry weather tends to dehydrate leather over time. should this occur, it is easily treated with some extra conditioning.
/// leather that gets wet continuously (especially salt water) will start to stiffen with time, therefore it’s best to dry collars off as soon as possible, and again, some extra conditioning here and there (while the collar is damp) will prevent the fibres from going crispy and drying out.
we suggest removing decorative collarwear that is stud-laden before swimming and playing in the mud to preserve the integrity of the hardware.


if necessary, post-walk cleaning is easy: simply remove any dirt, mud or sand that’s bugging you with a clean, damp cloth. and If your dog’s gone and rolled in something nasty, using some warm soapy water will do the trick to remove said nastiness.